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The primary service that FLH Transport prides itself on is the ability to compile same day delivery services across the UK and Europe.

This isn’t just the small parcels, documents or envelopes that need to be urgently delivered. We specialise in using our larger 7.5t – 18t trucks and lorries to transport large scale heavy and awkward goods long and short distances. It is a direct transport service between the points of pick up and delivery, and the combined resources of technological mapping and experienced drivers allow the service to run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

The company is very competitive with backload services, offering to utilise hundreds of empty vehicles of varying size. We also can put forward our economy service if required. This simply involves transporting multiple numbers of pallets or goods from differing companies, a procedure that reduces business costs for both ourselves and our consumers.

FLH Transport has a wide range of vehicles available at our disposal, from smaller vans and transits to curtain-sider lorries and trucks that allow easier accessibility to the transported products. The company is completely flexible to deal with customer requirements with local, nationwide or European collection and deliveries. As well, we are covered with fully comprehensive UK and European insurance.